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Get to know a unique gras paver laying system. Usable with all wheel loaders from 4 - 8 ton. Extendable with optional attachments for more efficiency.

Gras Paver System

Discover all the benefits
  • Unique system with integrated plow
  • Integrated leveler
  • Optional material fillingbunker
  • Simple 2 step work process
  • Compatible with all brands wheel loaders
  • Matching brick grab for 5,10 or 20 stones
  • Only quality materials

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Unique system

Integrated plow and leveler

Integrated plow and leveler

The gras paver system is compatible with all wheel loaders from 4-8 tons and makes grass paver laying as simple as 1,2,3. Step 1 is plowing the slope. The integrated plow is adjustable with a cilinder to follow the asphalt edge and make a nice even furrow. There’s no need for an excavator to make the furrow driving backwards. Second; fill in the furrow with the desired filling material (granules or sand). This is possible with the optional filling bunker. You can also fill with the truck crane. With step 3 you level the filling material with the integrated leveler. The leveler makes the groundwork even, on which the grass paving blocks can directly be layed after compressing. The plow and leveler are exchangeable in minutes by a bolt locking system.

Optional extensions

Brick grab - filling bunker - camera

Optional extensions

With the brick grab it is possible to pick up 5, 10 or 20 stones. They can be layed single, double or quadruple, depending on your wishes and the width of the slope. Besides laying lengthwise, it is possible to lay two rows parallel to one another in a single step.

Equippable with filling bunker.

Optional mounted camera for more vision on the slopes and working space.

Grasblock paver

 Technical Data RGS
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm) 1500x2850x1300
Pressure (bar)
Oil connection
Oil flow (L/min)
Brick grab Dangling or tiltrotator
  • For all makes wheel loaders from 4-8 tons
  • Integrated plow
  • Integrated leveler
  • Integrated spirit level
  • Standard work lights
  • Optional camera
  • Possibility to custom build adjustments